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We operate throughout the Czech Republic and Austria.
We are able to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.
We have modern facilities and quality equipment.
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comprehensive SERVICE of machine tools

Ongoing service inspections will help you prevent machine failures, thus reducing possible production downtime, which leads to an economic deficit. We service and repair machine tools mainly for machine tools and production machines, Czech and foreign brands. We focus on Mazatrol, Heidenhain, Fanuc systems. We service Mazak machines in full.

Comprehensive services include emergency service, preventive inspections, condition assessment or repair and securing of spare parts.
  • Emergency service
  • Checking the accuracy geometry of production machines and their adjustment
  • Preventive inspections and adjustment of machines
  • Assessment of the condition of machines
  • Determination of repairs required for the operation of machines

Thanks to our excellent modern facilities and quality equipment, we are able to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. The high quality of our services is based on many years of experience.

Our services inherently include warranty inspections, where lubricant fillings and worn parts are replaced. This extends the life of your machine.

DIAGNOSTICS of machine tools

Checking the technical condition of machine tools is important for maintaining the quality of production. It is also required in quality systems according to ISO 9001. We use QC20 Ballbar measuring systems for fault diagnosis, Renishaw ML-10 laser interferometer for measuring and compensating ball screws and Safecontrol 4.0 for measuring clamping force. We will help you detect defects in your machine in time, arrange repairs and spare parts. Thanks to our diagnostics, you will prevent problems in the future.

Renishaw ballbar QC 20 circular interpolation measurement

Based on the findings, it allows predictive maintenance. It guarantees the accuracy of parts manufactured on your CNC machines. Reduces downtime, scrap and machine inspection costs. The output of the measurement is technically a protocol with condition evaluation.

Measurement and compensation with a Renishaw ML-10 laser interferometer

Thanks to measurements with a laser interferometer, we create or restore non-linear compensation of positioning errors. Measurement and subsequent compensation of ball screws significantly increases machining accuracy. The output of the laser calibration of the measurement is technically the protocol of the relevant standard.

Clamping force measurement Safecontrol 4.0

Measuring range from 2 to 100 kN. The output of the measurement is a protocol, in the case of periodic measurement, the development trend is displayed. We are able to measure spindles with clamps ISO 40, ISO 50, HSK 63 and CAPTO C6.

general repairs of spindles and tool heads of machine tools

During the general repair, we thoroughly inspect our part with the help of the 3D measuring device CMM Mitutoyo. Arrange for the replacement of damaged or worn parts, folding, measuring of the clamping force and possible replacement of the clamping package. As part of the spindle repair process, we also perform balancing according to DIN ISO 1940 standards, if necessary, we ensure regrinding during ISO 40.50.

We focus on general repairs of spindles, electric spindles and tool heads.

Mazak FJV 60/120
Mazak FJV 35/80
Mazak FJV 250
Mazak Variaxis 630
Mazak Variaxis 730
Mazak VCN 510
Mazak QT 100
Mazak QTN 250
Mazak VTC 200C-II
Sigma SDV 32-19
Hyundai KIA VX 500
TOS W-100
Juaristi TX-3S

Mazak Integrex I300
Mazak integrex J200
Mazak Integrex 200IV
Mazak Integrex 300IV

furtherWE DOWE DO

For comprehensive service of machine tools, we also offer:

  • Kitagawa clamping cylinder repairs
  • HDD backup (bit copy)
  • Regular maintenance of machines
  • COROMANT CAPTO clamping mechanism repairs

COROMANT CAPTO clamping mechanism repairs

  • Fault diagnosis
  • Clamping force measurement
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Check for correct operation

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